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Site Mission

I've always wanted to have my own interent site...; so, I guess, this is it. ;-)

Being an 'amateur' web developer; therefore, quite naturally, I have put up many pages on the internet before...including pages being located here/there/everywhere; however, this made finding where that information is, again, extremely difficult and confusing...one bit of information could be found on this particular site/and, another bit of information could be found on that particular site/and, so on...?!

I decided it might be a far wiser strategy to try and put everything inside of just 'one' single same location...; than having to go run around chasing after information being stored inside of 100+ different web sites...!

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Site Development

Sometimes, I will try to plan building a web site, beforehand; that is, when I know exactly what sort of information/and, also, what amounts of information needs to be included there.

Other times, I will just randomly tend to stick things in here and there.

This site will be developed on an entirely random basis. I will add things; then, change my mind...take those things out, again; then, add something else elsewhere. In fact, I've already been doing that. This means, that certain specific page 'links' might tend to either change/disappear; as I do constantly re-arrange stuff/and, delete other stuff. It also means that rather than store any specific page link; it's probably a lot safer to store the link to the main web site page, instead.

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Site Name

I live over here in the UK. So, perhaps, I should have named my site: paulramnora.co.uk. (NOTE: I also own this domain name).

However, I'm keenly aware that just purely by 'default', whenever one types in the name of a site into a search engine...the browser tends to, automatically, tack onto the end of the site name you typed in: '.com' extension; so, for this reason, I decided to call my site: paulramnora.com; which, hopefully, should make it a lot easier for any web browser to find.

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